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ArtBeat 2023

Michael Crockett ArtBeat design theme of Pulse image with person

ArtBeat 2023

07/15/23 11:00 AM

1 Davis Square , Somerville

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Get ready for ArtBeat 2023! In addition to approximately 100 craft, community, and food vendors on the street, we'll have two stages of music and a dance showcase at the Somerville Theater.

Despite uncertain weather, Saturday looks better than Sunday.  We are on for Saturday. 

See the full lineup here! And below. 

And Festival Map and Brochure here

ArtBeat 2023 graphic design work by Michael Crockett

Volunteers needed
Are you interested in volunteering for ArtBeat? If so, click here to go to our Google Form and fill out our ArtBeat 2023 Volunteer form today.

The Somerville Arts Council's annual multicultural arts festival showcases the City's diverse and vibrant arts communities and attracts ten thousand visitors to Davis Square. Presented by the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) and Mayor Katjana Ballantyne, ArtBeat has reached its 37th year and features an eclectic mix of music, dance, theater, food, performance, and interactive activities.

This year's ArtBeat theme: Pulse
At this year‘s festival, we will explore everything that vibrates, pulses and suggests life! We invite artists of all kinds as well as community members to interpret the theme in myriad ways. Let’s delve into all that pulses — things like hearts, cities, lights and drumbeats. Whatever the art form or mode of expression, we seek performances and activities that are brimming, beating, expanding, or keeping a sense of time. Let’s check the pulse of our city: How do we feel? What’s the state of our cultural health? Whether it’s dancers conveying rhythmic contractions or a large, kinetic sculpture that expands and contracts, we look forward to your interpretations of this theme!

Craft Vendors
We’ll have over 70+ craftsters and crafty companies, including: Winter Hill Jewelry, Atomic Earrings, Henna by Heather, Custom Woodworks, Mudflat Pottery Studio, Zooguu, Stella Marie Soap, Foxfire Creative Studio and more! When it comes to “finding the pulse” for quality crafts, our talented artists fit the bill. So, buy local and support our talented artists and maker communities.

Community Outreach Organizations
There will be a bevy of organizations sharing material and offering activities, including: Somerville Public Library, Outside the Lines, Somerville Garden Club, Project Have Hope, CAAS, The Fashion for Empowerment Project, Somerville Homeless Coalition, Somerville Education Foundation, KMW School of Painting, Social Catalysts Charitable Foundation, Mystic River Watershed Association, and more.

Food Vendors
It’s a Nibble takeover at Artbeat! Our Nibble staff and chefs will be at the center of the festival on the main Traffic Island... or should we say Nibble Island! In addition to food—Nagomi Bento, Dos Manos Kitchen, and Taquisimo Taco—there will be an interactive Nibble activity table where you can test your olfactory prowess by sniffing spices! 

In addition to Nibble Island, there will be House of Kebab serving Nepali cuisine, Mela serving classic Indian dishes, and Thai Hut serving Pad Thai and grilled chicken. Italian Wizard, a local favorite food truck, will be present with grilled sausages, cheesesteaks, and homemade lemonade. And don’t forget to stop by Dean’s Concessions for fried dough, cotton candy, and lemonade.

Additional Activities & Happenings
Roving Performers
Caricature Drawings
Face Painting
Bubble Making


Date Timesort ascending Location Performance
July 15 9:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Pet Fox
July 15 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Akrobatik
July 15 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Balla Kouyate Band
July 15 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Jorge Arce Band
July 15 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Kathy Snax
July 15 4:30 PM Elm Street Stage Spats Riley
July 15 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Andy California
July 15 3:30 PM Elm Street Stage The Four-String Serenaders
July 15 3:00 PM Somerville Theater Laura Sanchez Flamenco
July 15 3:00 PM Somerville Theater DrumatiX
July 15 3:00 PM Statue Park Open Air Circus
July 15 3:00 PM Somerville Theater Flamenco Boston
July 15 3:00 PM Kenny Park Modular on the Spot
July 15 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Woundikin
July 15 2:30 PM Elm Street Stage The Collect Pond
July 15 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Tolieth
July 15 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Eventual Dance Company
July 15 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Dara Nicole Capley
July 15 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Modern Connections
July 15 1:50 PM Elm Street Stage Cotton Candy
July 15 1:30 PM Elm Street Stage Reynaliz Herrera: Ideas, Not Theories
July 15 1:00 PM Festival Gin Rickey Jugglers
July 15 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Receita de Samba
July 15 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Soune (SOMO)
July 15 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Sinha Capoeira
July 15 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Mary Flynn Murphy Dance Studio
July 15 12:30 PM Elm Street Stage Sinnet
July 15 12:30 PM Festival Flutterby Faeries
July 15 12:00 PM Day Street Knucklebones
July 15 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Julie Rhodes
July 15 11:30 AM Seven Hills Stage Reynaliz Herrera
July 15 11:00 AM Seven Hills Stage Ten Hill Morris
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