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Dara Nicole Capley

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Dara Nicole Capley

Saturday, July 15 2:00 PM


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Dara Nicole Capley

Dara Nicole Capley is a dance artist whose movement style and creative voice focus on texture, musicality, and movement's internal and external initiation points.

Her performance “Eucalyptus” uses the life cycles of the long-leaf pine tree and the eucalyptus plant as a starting point to explore the relationships between grief and growth, the different and surprising paths of growth that life contains, and the concept of necessary destruction or violence to achieve a higher state. Both plants need to be set on fire to achieve the next cycle in their growth; pine can exist in its first, grass-like stage indefinitely unless set ablaze. The ten-dancer piece features an opening solo and a nine-dancer ensemble, with solos and a trio occurring.

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