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Artist Certification


Artist Live/Work Certification and Available Housing

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The City of Somerville/ Somerville Arts Council does faciltate an Artist Housing Certification for deeded artist live/work units in the city.

These artist units are located at: 

Powderhouse/Marka development (3 inclusionary and 5 market rate units); 
Metro 9 owned by Somerville CDC (5 inclusionary units).  

Due to the limited turn over of these units, the Arts Council only issues an Artist Certification IF there is an opening in one of these units.  However, the owners of these units do mantain "waitlists."  You should contact these owners to be placed on their waitlist.  If you are chosen from the waitlist, then you would complete the neccessary paperwork to receive an Artist Housing Certification. 

Somerville’s current zoning includes provisions that certain new development require “artist use.”   If a new development creates “Artist Live/Work”  or “Artist Studio Space” a certification process will accompany those units.   This policy will ensure that development built for artists will retain artists. 

We strongly encourage all income elegible artists to avail themselves to the traditional inclusionary housing opportunites the City offers.  You can be placed on a list to receive updates, via the "Alter list" found on the City's Housing Dept. website.  Sign up. 

For more information on Somerville's arts zoning and cultural economic development work go here.