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Union Sq Video Projection Series

Union Sq Video Projection Project

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Union Square Video Projection Project is a public art initative to support multimedia and animation artists by presentating their digital projection art on a building facade in Union Square, Somerville.   The project began in 2009, with support from the Mobius Artist Group and Bob Raymond (RIP), and through our ArtsUnion cultural economic development work took a hiatus and is now back up an running.   

A special thanks to media artist, and our curator, Andrew Ringler for supporting us in getting this project back up for it's second iteration! 

Artists from the greater Somerville area responded to an open call for video work. Three major themes emerged: Storytelling, Abstraction and Dance across 10 projects and over 13 individual artists and artist collaboratives.

We will show works from each group looping, evenings in from November through March.   The work can be viewed on the Backer building in Union Square, 33 Union Square, Somerville. 

Thanks to the Somerville Media Center for their techinal assistance for this project.

Banner image is a still from Allison's Tanenhaus' "Corporate Responsibility Pledge".

Check out the specific series work below.