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A still from Allison's Tanenhaus' "Corporate Responsibility Pledge".


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In the Abstraction series, curator Andrew Ringler describes: Keaton Fox explores history, and deletion through found video. Maria Servellon explores human form, beauty and abstraction. Allison Tanenhaus transforms archival video through glitch and transformation. And Maria Fong explores the passage of time through ink.

This series will be projected around mid December 2020 through mid February 2021.  The work can be viewed on the Backer building in Union Square, 33 Union Square, Somerville. 

Maria Servellón is an award-winning filmmaker, multimedia artist, educator, and arts advocate from Boston, MA. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Japanese from the University of Massachusetts Boston, and her Master of Fine Arts in Film and Media Art from Emerson College. Her focus is film and digital media, including projection, installation, photography, drawing, and design.

Allison Tanenhaus is a digital glitch artist who specializes in abstract geometrics, kaleidoscopic color fields, trippy op art, mind-bending motion, and unexpected dimensional qualities. With self-taught techniques using just her smartphone, she creates psychedelic music videos, GIFs, prints, video installations, and large-scale projections.

Keaton Fox is an educator, curator and a multidisciplinary artist endlessly toying with human perception.  Fueled by the 21st century fascination, Fox collages the natural with the virtual to create visual experiments that playfully investigate the varied realities of our time. Her work has been exhibited naitionally, internationally, physically and digitally.

Maria Fong makes art that requires or precipitates some kind of interaction between people. Through zines, mail art drawings, animations, installations, and performances, she connects people by sharing stories and lived realities. Creating and communicating in the face of silencing and homogenizing is an act of resistance. By combining text and image she is able to communicate in multifaceted ways.