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Yart Sale

Yart Sale

08/13/22 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

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Yart Sale, A citywide showcase of YOUR art!

Yart Sale is an opportunity for you to sell from the comfort of your yards, driveways and porch. Think of a yard sale but with ART! Yart Sale is a citywide event that will take place on Saturday, August 13th, 12pm to 6pm, (rain date 8/14). The schedule of each yard will be dependent of each participant, please make sure to review the location details. Expect to see a range of products and activities like live art, handmade objects, band merch, art supplies, collectible items or even plants! 

Participants please make sure that sidewalks are not blocked. No aplified music, lets leave this energy for porchfest! Have fun, be safe and support your local artist!

If you are having difficulty understanding the map, there is a downloadable PDF of the information in the map, contact us.Submissions have closed but if you have any questions, contact: iaritza menjivar - imenjivar(at)