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SomerStreets - Apply now!

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2019 SomerStreets dates have just been announced: 

Sunday, June 2: Carnaval, Lower Broadway (McGrath Hwy to Pennsylvania Ave)
(RD June 9)

Sunday, August 4: Seize the Summer, Holland St. (Davis to Cameron Ave.)

Sunday, Sept 15: Strike Up the Band, Highland Ave. (School St. to Lowell St.)

Sunday, Oct 20: Monster Mashed-up, Somerville Ave. (Hawkins St. to Spring St.)
(RD October 27)

All events are 2pm – 6pm, Aug & Sept dates are rain or shine! 

Would you like to participate in SomerStreets?

SomerStreets call for vendors and talent are available now! 


SomerStreets is the City of Somerville’s take on the internationally-renowned Open Streets concept, closing busy city streets to vehicles, and opening them up for cycling, walking, dancing, running, and other modes of activity. Through SomerStreets, the City and its community partners aim to promote and encourage easy access to physical activity, and reconnecting with neighborhoods and businesses and their unique cultural elements in a thriving urban environment.

SomerStreets builds on the Shape Up Somerville healthy living initiative. Similar open streets events take place all around the world, providing space normally taken up by automobile traffic for people to be more active.

SomerStreets is an annual series that takes place one Sunday per month June through October.  

If you're have questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact: Nina Eichner, Special Events Manager, at (617) 625-6600 ext. 2998 or