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Illuminations Tour

Springfield Street circa 1997

Illuminations Tour 2020

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The Illuminations Tour is very much…ON!
December 12th - January 1st

Yet, in a safe, deconstructed way. Time to light things up Somerville —and take self-guided tours, while supporting local businesses. Even though, we will not be conducting our traditional trolley tours this winter, the bright spirit of Somerville will shine on. So whether you're a business or a resident, time to deck the halls and plug things in!  We have created a digital map so folks can take a "deconstructed tour" on their own time, supporting local businesses as they go. So, as a participant or tour goer, let's celebrate the folk artistry and creativity of residents and businesses that transform their spaces and yards with lights, ornaments, and shrines of devotion and fantasy.

Illuminations Tour Deconstructed Google Map map below through January 1st:
To help you lead your own holiday tour on the map, you will find location pins to:

  • Decorated homes 
  • Support local businesses 
  • Art Installations including: the Community Lantern Project - lanterns created by community folks to light up the neighborhoods! On view Dec 13th and Dec 19th
  • Podcast Tour by Jon Bernhardt (see link below): You can listen to the  original Illuminations Tour script on the road as you follow the route. 
  • The map can also be viewed on your Google Map app. If using the map on your phone, you can download the Google Map App and use the map directly with your GPS!
  • To view the map legend: On the Left top corner of the map, you will see a little square box with an arrow pointing right, next to the map Title. Click this. It will open the legend. 

The Podcast map direct routes can be found here:

Additional questions or concerns? Contact iaritza at