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Switchbox Project

Ryan McEntee

Switchbox Project

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The Switchbox Project brings the work of Somerville artists out of the studios and onto city streets.

Artists Catherine Jaggi and Shoshana Phillips were the first two artists, in 1997, to create work for Somerville's engaging public art project. Switchboxes located at busy intersections throughout the city have been transformed with paint, and a few with collage. Many of the boxes are created by individual artists who have received fellowships and are required to do a "community benefit" project, while school and community groups have created others. A primary goal of the switchbox project is to bring public art to a broader community. The project also helps keep the boxes free of graffiti and vandalism. Luckily, most switchboxes are still in great shape.

Below check out our inventory of the boxes and the artists who created them.

If you're interested in painting a switchbox, download our application.