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Lauren Kent

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Lauren Kent

This switchbox design depicts people of Somerville walking around and going about their daily routines. I worked from photographs of candid moments of movement in front of the Neighborhood Restaurant in Union Square. As I painted, I also decided to include some passers-bys that walked by my painting station on Walnut Street.  This painting will become a part of the energy of the street, with people moving past it every day – on their way to work, school, play, or home.

The backside of the switchbox has been left thin, monochromatic, and sketchy. The light fluttering through the trees changes the colors and design throughout the day – creating it’s own beautiful effect.

It was a treat to paint in such a public place. I was warmed by the words and gestures of encouragement by Somerville residents walking and driving by. Thank you for letting me leave a piece of myself in this wonderful city!   May 2019