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Calendar for Arts Council events and Somerville community events hosted by others. To post an event, become a user/login, then come back here to Add Event.
Body As Protest
03/30/24 2:30 PM to 06/02/24 6:00 PM
photograph by  Ravjot Mehek Singh
SomerStreets: Carnaval
06/02/24 2:00 PM
T: An MBTA Musical
06/07/24 9:30 PM to 06/23/24 7:00 PM
An Evil MBTA Logo over a field of commuter rail purple, the title "T: An MBTA Musical" in rustic printed font, surrounded by a mix of confused, ecstatic and menacing MBTA employees.
Se Réfleter Dans by Colette Brésilla
06/22/24 6:00 PM to 09/30/24 9:00 AM
Fourth of July Celebration
06/27/24 6:00 PM
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