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John Campbell

Ryan McEntee

John Campbell

25 Highland, Somerville

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John Campbell completed this work in the summer of 2013. 

"I really appreciate the fact that the city sets aside money for something like this, which is an opportunity for artists to help beautify the place they live in.  The image I chose for the switch box is a continuation from a series of paintings, called Distortions. In the series, I started with a single abstract painting, which I distorted and made a new painting from, and then distorted an image of that painting, starting the process anew. As all art is both referential and original, each piece in this series both references and alters its predecessor through the process. I loved the enthusiasm and encouragement of all the passers by and was very grateful to all my friends who came by to help me make it and to all those who helped make it possible.Thanks! "