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Stephanie Sherman in collaboration with Michael Hall and Melissa Castro explore autonomy through dance and dolls.
Mike Brun and Margaret Wiss explore intimacy and coordination in short vignettes.
Carven Boursiquot explores relationships through dance.

Work will be projected around Mid-Feburary through March 2021.  The work can be viewed on the Backer building in Union Square, 33 Union Square, Somerville. 

Stephanie Sherman is an interdisciplinary choreographer, visual artist, poet, activist and educator with a commitment to social justice and a passion for connecting diverse artists across the Americas.

Michal Hall Bravo Ramirez is a filmmaker and visual artist. Her narrative work concentrates on women and their experiences in relation to family, sexuality, and contemporary culture. 

Melissa Castro wants to create different worlds through the Dance, worlds that emerge from the irreality but help us to connect with our own realities, by inviting us to question them and imagine them in other ways.

Carven Boursiquot is a freelance multimedia artist living and working in Somerville, MA. Specializing in videography, photography, and graphic design, Carven’s work serves a broad range of clients, especially those in Boston’s local Latin dance community.

Margaret Wiss is a choreographer, educator, and performer. Her work is interdisciplinary between dance,
film, and science.

Mike Brun is an American composer, performer, orchestrator, and producer. His broad skill set and
eagerness to collaborate have led to a kaleidoscopic young career in film, theater, and recording.