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Artbeat 2015

Artbeat 2015

Fri., July 17, 5:30pm to Sat., July 18, 6:00pm

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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2015 Theme:  Loops

Hope you like Dave Ortega's design work for this year's festival theme. 

ArtBeat is one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food and hatch-themed activities.

On Friday night we have music and interactive performances, then on Saturday we shut down Davis Square for the craft vendors, two stages of music, dance in the Somerville Theater, and a host of great interactive peformances.

Let's celebrate of all things that loop, encircle, repeat and play back in endless cycles. We invite artists and all community members to explore how looping—the repetition of a pattern, sound or idea—informs a work of art or a concept. “Loops” evoke many things: music that repeats a riff throughout an entire song or performance, a dance in which movement suggests circles, or a visual work of art that suggests planetary orbits. Perhaps we need a parade that circles the Davis Square block repeatedly throughout the festival, or a theatrical performance in which scenes are repeated in Groundhog Day-esque fashion. It’s time to abandon linear thinking! It’s time to loop back. We look forward to your creative interpretation of this theme!



Date Timesort descending Location Performance
July 17 5:30 PM Traffic Island School of Honk
July 17 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Veronica Robles
July 17 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Ronald Reagan
July 17 7:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Nuda Veritas
July 17 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage WORSHIPPER
July 17 9:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Club d'Elf
July 18 12:00 AM Throughout the festival Activities on Traffic Island and Environs
July 18 12:00 AM Throughout the festival Street Painting Festival Fundraiser
July 18 12:00 AM Inside/Out Gallery Loops
July 18 12:00 AM Statue Park Food, over 100 Craft Vendors, and Community Organizations!
July 18 11:30 AM Traffic Island Indian Drumming
July 18 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Rose Polenzani
July 18 12:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Knucklebones
July 18 12:30 PM Elm St. Stage Dust Clouds of Mars
July 18 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Jessie Jeanne & Dancers
July 18 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Kinodance
July 18 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Kavita Venkateswar and Soumya Rajaram
July 18 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Soggy Po Boys
July 18 1:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Lolli Hoop and Boston Hoop Troop
July 18 1:30 PM Elm St. Stage Bong Wish
July 18 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Grant Jacoby & Dancers
July 18 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Snake Dance Theater
July 18 2:00 PM Somerville Theater Alive Dance Collective
July 18 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Eternals
July 18 2:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Professor World Band
July 18 2:30 PM Elm St. Stage Banda Bahia
July 18 3:00 PM Somerville Theater Audra Carabetta and Brian Crabtree
July 18 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Bullock Brothers
July 18 3:00 PM Elm Street Plaza Puppet Showplace Theatre
July 18 3:30 PM Elm St. Stage Frollicking Lamb
July 18 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Soft Pyramids
July 18 4:30 PM Elm St. Stage Gogofski
July 18 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Mount Peru
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