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Artbeat 2018

ArtBeat Flip theme; art work by Kari Percival

Artbeat 2018

07/14/18 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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ArtBeat 2018: Flip. Line up rolling out as we flip. 

Download a full PDF guide and schedule to the festival here. 

ArtBeat is one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food, and all-age activities.  

On Saturday, July 14th we shut down Davis Square for craft vendors, two stages of music, dance in the Somerville Theater, and a host of great interactive peformances from 11 am to 10 pm.

This year’s ArtBeat theme is “flip”, a celebration of all things upside down, backwards and sideways. We invite artists and community members to explore how flipping things around can change your point of view. Does flipping things make them better, or worse? How does the idea of flipping things around inform a work of art or concept? “Flip” evokes many things: rapid change; inverting the status quo; changing your mind; flipping a coin; flipping houses; or turning the whole world upside down! Perhaps it’s time to flip a switch - literally or figuratively. Are there things that make you want to flip out? Does this winter make you yearn for your flip flops?
For ArtBeat, perhaps we need acrobats flipping through the square, or someone flipping giant pancakes? Let’s flip this festival on its head. We look forward to your creative interpretation of this theme!



Date Timesort descending Location Performance
July 14 11:00 AM Traffic Island Activities on and around Traffic Island
July 14 11:30 AM Elm St. Plaza Knucklebones
July 14 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Stacking Stones
July 14 12:00 PM Elm St. Plaza Capoeira Instruction
July 14 12:00 PM Statue Park Interactive Activities and Performances
July 14 12:30 PM Somerville Theatre Ruckus Dance
July 14 12:30 PM Elm St. Stage Le Prestige
July 14 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Matthew Stubbs & The Antiguas with Julie Rhodes
July 14 1:20 PM Elm St. Plaza Boston Hoop Troop
July 14 1:30 PM Somerville Theatre Elizabeth Powers
July 14 1:30 PM Somerville Theatre Erin McNulty
July 14 1:30 PM Elm St. Stage Gogofski
July 14 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage The Nephrok! Allstars
July 14 2:30 PM Somerville Theatre Continuum Dance Project
July 14 2:30 PM Elm St. Stage The Royer Family Band
July 14 2:40 PM Elm St. Plaza The Horse-Eyed Men
July 14 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Sabouyouma
July 14 3:30 PM Elm St. Stage Sinnet
July 14 3:30 PM Somerville Theatre Connections Dance Theater
July 14 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Death Pesos
July 14 4:00 PM Elm St. Plaza Catherine Siller
July 14 4:30 PM Elm St. Stage Forró Zabumbeca
July 14 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Boston Cream
July 14 5:15 PM Elm St. Stage Flip Parade Led By School of Honk!
July 14 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage MetaMovements Salsa Instruction
July 14 6:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Jesus Pagan Y Su Orquesta
July 14 7:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Hayley Thompson King
July 14 8:30 PM Seven Hills Stage The Perceptionists
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