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Artbeat 2012

Artbeat 2012

Fri., July 20, 6:00pm to Sat., July 21, 6:00pm

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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ArtBeat 2012 theme is Migration. 

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On July 20 & 21, we will present one of the area's largest and most innovative arts festivals, complete with two stages of music with over a dozen bands, dance troupes, 75 craft vendors, food and migration-themed activities.  Stay tuned for calls to craft vendors, talent, and community and food vendors.

Migration evokes many ideas: movement, immigration, Monarch butterflies fluttering en masse and New England snowbirds heading to Florida’s balmy shores. We encourage artists to explore migration in various ways. Visual artists might explore how forms morph and move—like atoms within a molecule, for example. Dancers might explore flight patterns of migratory birds. Other ideas include an interactive map project in which Somervillians trace their migratory route to Somerville. Migration also can be explored from environmental, geo-political and inter-galactic angles. We look forward to your creative interpretations of this year’s theme!


Date Timesort descending Location Performance
July 20 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Jazzabelles
July 20 6:30 PM Seven Hills Park Soaring Somerville
July 20 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Klezwoods
July 20 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Ghost Box Orchestra
July 20 8:45 PM Seven Hills Stage Luminarium Dance
July 20 9:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Big Digits
July 21 11:00 AM Statue Park Interactive mapping and activities
July 21 11:00 AM Throughout Festival Birds, Butterflies & Pots
July 21 11:30 AM Elm Street Stage Steppers Heaven
July 21 12:00 PM Somerville Theater Weber Dance
July 21 12:00 PM Traffic Island Traced Movement/Movement Traced
July 21 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Mariachi Estampa de America
July 21 12:15 PM Elm Street Plaza Somerville Sunsetters
July 21 12:30 PM Holland and Winter Migratory Movements Parade
July 21 12:30 PM Elm Street Stage Patrick Coman and the Lo-Fi Angels
July 21 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Maggie Husak
July 21 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Renée Amirault and Sarah Mae Gibbons Dance
July 21 1:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Jenee Halstead
July 21 1:00 PM Somerville Theater Kate Nies Brigham and Sara Miller Duet
July 21 1:00 PM Somerville Theater EgoArt, Inc.
July 21 1:00 PM Davis Square Theater Brad Shur — The Carrot Salesman
July 21 1:15 PM Elm Street Plaza Len Solomon
July 21 1:30 PM Elm Street Stage Michael Murray & Tsoysli
July 21 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Roy Sludge Trio
July 21 2:00 PM Davis Square Theater Deb Costine — The Three Pigs and Other Tales
July 21 2:15 PM Elm Street Plaza Jef Czekaj and Jarrett J. Krosoczka
July 21 2:30 PM Somerville Theater Contrapose Dance
July 21 2:30 PM Elm Street Stage Butterknife
July 21 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Cruzamente
July 21 3:00 PM Somerville Theater Kairos Dance Theater
July 21 3:00 PM Davis Square Theater Randy Ross —Around the World in Four Months: One Man's International Search for Love
July 21 3:15 PM Elm Street Plaza Patrick Coman & The Lo-Fi Angels
July 21 3:30 PM Elm Street Stage Samba Viva
July 21 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Bent Shapes
July 21 4:00 PM Davis Square Theater Kevin Brooks & Lani Peterson
July 21 4:15 PM Elm Street Plaza Lizard Lounge Poetry Slam Team
July 21 4:20 PM Elm Street Stage Jon Bernhardt & his theremin
July 21 4:30 PM Elm Street Stage 27
July 21 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Jorge Arce and Raíz de Plena
July 21 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Nicholas Marks Artist of the Gypsy Guitar
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