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Saturday, July 14 3:30 PM

246 Elm Street, Somerville

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Sinnet, Photo by Stanisław Nagięć

Sinnet plays tasty indie-pop nuggets with bits of soul, surf, pop and elementary escapism and features members of The Fatal Flaw (Mr. T Experience, Pansy Division), Mount Peru and Soft Pyramids.

Sinnet was initially formed by Aaron Spransy as a laptop bedroom project during 'less-employed times' following a move from Milwaukee to Boston. The project quickly evolved into a living, breathing band. The name 'Sinnet' comes from the license plate Aaron's late mother Mary Spransy had on several Toyota Camrys. It was a birthday gift, she loved playing tennis.

Some of Sinnet's momentous occasions include: Boston Phoenix 'MP3 of the Week', playing in a shoe store (Converse's Rubber Tracks), an East Coast/Midwest tour, participating in the 35th Annual Boston Emission's Rock 'n' Roll Rumble and sponsoring a mini-golf hole at a library.

Sinnet has shared the stage with Tim Kasher, Low Cut Connie, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, The Barr Brothers, Jaill, Torquil Campbell (Broken Social Scene), Revolver and more.