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Connections Dance Theater

ArtBeat Flip theme; art work by Kari Percival

Connections Dance Theater

Saturday, July 14 3:30 PM

55 Davis Sq., Somerville

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Connections Dance Theater, photo by Jillian Lattimore

Connections Dance Theater presenting an excerpt from ‘Hot Water Over Raised Fists’

This performance includes sections from Connections Dance Theater's upcoming evening length concert, ‘Hot Water Over Raised Fists.’ HWORF is centered around two themes. The first theme water, explores its importance in itself, the destruction it can provoke & the sustainability it provides. The second theme protest, investigates why it is needed, how it is used & the longevity it provides. This excerpt is resonant of a flip book of different manifestations of the two themes through a visceral experience using modern dance combined with a mix of jazz and eclectic music. The next iteration of this program; ‘Prelude to: Hot Water Over Raised Fists’ will be performed on August 19, 2018 in Malden, MA 

About the Choregrapher
Having spent a lot time performing, teaching and consulting on several Boston based companies and projects, Jenny Oliver recently decided to embark on her own artistic endeavors. Realizing that her vision for what dance could be was a unique one to her, she began Connections Dance Theater, a newly formed modern dance collective that attempts to create relationships on stage influenced by lived experiences, presenting the audience a perspective of our social connections to one another. 

The Company
The mission of the collective is to create research-based choreography reflecting themes/ideas constructed from the Indigenous Diaspora & socio-political events, of which contribute to the fabric of the American perspective.  By actualizing a route towards philanthropy through fortification & support for marginalized communities, CDT aims to be the vessel of hope to all audiences.

Stacey Badgett Jr, Erin Chiesa, Jenna Davidson-Catalano, Amanda Jones, Frederick Moss, Ih’san Ellis, Ndubuisi Ofoegbu. Raffi Pontes, Rachael Thomas, Fridien Tchoukoua