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Flamenco Boston

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Flamenco Boston

Saturday, July 15 3:00 PM


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Flamenco Boston

Flamenco Boston was founded in 2007. The organization’s mission is to bring more flamenco to the Boston area by providing flamenco dance classes, workshops, and performances. Flamenco is an eclectic art form originating from Andalusia (a region in the South of Spain,) blending together the influences of the Andalusians, Moors, Sephardic Jews, Indians, and Gitanos.

Flamenco has its own unique rhythms that do fit into the standard 4/4 timing that most western music do. With these intricate rhythms as the foundation, flamenco artists communicate with each using hand gestures, clapping, fiery footwork, flourishes of the guitar, and even the syllables of the words of the singers to improvise and progress through a piece. Flamenco provides an interesting medium to connect the artists to the audience, in that it utilizes a pulse that is from a different world and may be completely new to the viewer, yet the different emotion from each piece will still resonate with the audience. 

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