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Saturday, July 15 12:30 PM


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Celebrating a love of songwriters like Paul Simon and Elliott Smith with the rhythm and swagger of Spoon and Booker T & The MGs. Sinnet mixes tasty indie-rock nuggets with bits of soul, surf, pop, psychedelia and Sinnet™ brand spookiness.

Initially formed by Aaron Spransy as a two mics and a laptop bedroom project after a move from Milwaukee to Boston. Following the critical acclaim of Spransy's debut EP Midwest Manners the project quickly evolved into a living, breathing band. Chances are he'd humbly laugh it off if you told him so, but Sinnet's Aaron Spransy is that uniquely talented singer/songwriter with an often-elusive capital “W." Spransy's pen is both personal and universal: love, death and the innate need to explore.

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