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Andy California

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Andy California

Saturday, July 15 4:00 PM


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Andy California

Andy Macbain (Tunnel of Love, The Monsieurs, Andy California) is the last true savior of rock’n’roll. Along with the mighty Billy Childish, Mark Sultan, King Khan, Haunted George, Oblivians, Cheater Slicks, Gories and a monkey’s paw full of others that were actually there for, and brought up on, 20th century noise, Andy California is an essential and spiritual component of the great force of primal, rhythmic skronk, and possibly the only man left with the sincerity and inalienable right to deliver it. The music is deliberately more BLUES than his usual pop hook snarl, goddamn word in soaked primitivity with Johnny Sheeran on Bass and Hilken on drums!

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