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Reynaliz Herrera: Ideas, Not Theories

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Reynaliz Herrera: Ideas, Not Theories

Saturday, July 15 1:30 PM


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IDEAS, NOT THEORIES, is a theatrical percussion company for unconventional percussion instruments that offers several programs featuring Reynaliz Herrera's original music for bicycles and other unconventional instruments. One of the programs, "Ideas, Not Theories- Full Staged Show" features original music which explores the use of unconventional instruments such as: bicycles, tap and body percussion, water, brushes, as well as traditional percussion instruments such as marimbas and drums, where the musical works are linked together through a story line, physical theater and comedy, and original characters making the complete performance a unique, quirky and creative artistic experience.

REYNALIZ HERRERA is a professional musician, percussionist, composer, producer and educator based in Boston but originally from Mexico. Reynaliz has performed in different countries like Mexico, US, Canada, Cuba, Barbados, Spain, Germany and Italy. Currently, Reynaliz acts as director, composer and lead performer of her theatrical percussion company “Ideas, Not Theories” where she combines music for unconventional instruments like bicycles, and physical theater through many different programs, and which she has recently presented in the U.S, Canada, Barbados and Mexico in venues and festivals. 

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