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Laura Sanchez Flamenco

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Laura Sanchez Flamenco

Saturday, July 15 3:00 PM


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Laura Sanchez

Laura Sánchez is an award-winning flamenco dancer and multidisciplinary artist who explores her own personal struggles to create interdisciplinary pieces with flamenco at the core to explore trauma, grief, and intersecting identities. Her work elevates the voice of traditionally underrepresented groups.

“Dancing through Motherhood” is a multidisciplinary piece that combines flamenco with poetry, humor, metaphor, spoken word and film to open the window to the world of disability from the mother’ lenses. Inspired by the story of a Spanish speaking immigrant woman and mother of a child with multiple disabilities, this autobiographical work explores trauma, grief and intersecting identities from the mother’s lenses. Dancing through Motherhood is part of the AFTER DARK series, a living autobiographical work that started in 2020 as an award winning dance film about motherhood and mental health, continued with a multidisciplinary production about motherhood and grief in 2022 at the Mills Gallery. 

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