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ArtBeat 2022

ArtBeat 2022 graphic art by Michael Talbot

ArtBeat 2022

Sat., July 16, 11:00am

1 Davis Square, Somerville

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Get ready for ArtBeat 2022! In addition to approximately 100 craft, community, and food vendors on the street, we'll have two stages of music and a dance showcase at the Somerville Theater.

Check out our line up below.   Or if you wish, print out a (PDF) full schedule here.

The Somerville Arts Council's annual multicultural arts festival showcases the City's diverse and vibrant arts communities and attracts ten thousand visitors to Davis Square. Presented by the Somerville Arts Council (SAC) and Mayor Katjana Ballantyne, ArtBeat has reached its 36th year and features an eclectic mix of music, dance, theater, food, performance, and interactive activities.

This year's ArtBeat 2022 graphic artist is Michael Talbot.  Look for his great work rolling out on various festival products soon.

This year's ArtBeat theme: Rise
Things are looking up, lifting—rising. At this year's ArtBeat Festival we invite artists of all kinds and community members to interpret the "rise" theme in myriad ways. Literally, let's think about what's above us—the sky, stars, trees, cranes, birds, and buildings. And figuratively, how might "rise" resonate? What's beyond us, what's within reach? What trends and stats are rising in Somerville? How might we rise to further our dreams and goals, and rise up to fight inequality? Whether it's dancers leaping upwards, singers hitting high notes, a sculptor crafting a lofty installation, or a community group calling for social change and a rising up—we can't wait to see your interpretations of this theme. It's time to RISE Somerville!

Check out local artist, Melissa Shaak's, unique interpretation of this year's theme with her video "RISE"



Datesort descending Time Location Performance
July 16 10:30 AM Community Bike Path Kick-Off Parade - School of HONK!
July 16 11:00 AM Statue Park Paint Your Truth - Painting Workshop
July 16 11:00 AM Festival Interactive Storytelling with Post-Meridian Radio Players
July 16 11:00 AM Traffic Island Somerville Community Land trust
July 16 12:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Toni Lynn Washington
July 16 12:00 PM Statue Park Bonbon de Rue
July 16 12:00 PM Festival Rise Together - Hopscotch
July 16 12:30 PM Somerville Theater Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center
July 16 12:30 PM Seven Hills Stage Los Nitidos
July 16 12:30 PM Somerville Theater Duets for a Lifetime
July 16 12:30 PM Elm Street Stage Ira Klein & Friends
July 16 1:00 PM Statue Park Esh Circus Arts
July 16 1:00 PM Statue Park Flutterby Faeries
July 16 1:30 PM Elm Street Stage Sawaari
July 16 1:30 PM Somerville Theater Continuum Dance Project
July 16 2:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Genie Santiago
July 16 2:30 PM Elm Street Stage TIFFY
July 16 2:30 PM Somerville Theater Danza Orgánica
July 16 2:30 PM Somerville Theater Art UnEarths - Jeryl Palana Pilapil-Brown
July 16 2:30 PM Somerville Theater Carmen Rizzo
July 16 2:30 PM Somerville Theater Eliza Malecki Dance
July 16 3:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Sue Bell
July 16 3:30 PM Elm Street Stage Aaron and the Dream
July 16 4:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Georgia Overdrive
July 16 4:00 PM Somerville Theater Navarasa Dance Theater
July 16 4:00 PM Somerville Theater Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company
July 16 4:00 PM Somerville Theater JLin and Colleagues
July 16 4:30 PM Elm Street Stage Senseless Optimism
July 16 5:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Kimon Kirk
July 16 6:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Kina Zoré
July 16 7:00 PM Seven Hills Stage JayB Prodigy
July 16 8:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Nectarine Girl
July 16 9:00 PM Seven Hills Stage Dutch Tulips
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