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Interactive Storytelling with Post-Meridian Radio Players

ArtBeat 2022 graphic art by Michael Talbot

Interactive Storytelling with Post-Meridian Radio Players

Saturday, July 16 11:00 AM


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Somerville is filled with quirky tall tales and hidden gems. During the week leading up to ArtBeat, discover the lesser-known lore of the ‘Vile in a self-guided audio tour called "Thrilling (and Entirely Fictional) Legends of Davis Square,"—a brief stories about landmarks in and around the Davis Square area.

Curated by the Post-Meridian Radio Players, there will also be an interactive version of the map on their webpage page  that gives information about each location 

The list of locations is as follows:

•    Glover Circle and Meacham Road:  The Glover, Three Fists of Fury 
•    Seven Hills Park:   The 8th Hill of Somerville 
•    Statue Park:  Our Oldest Inhabitant Tells All
•    Day Street and Herbert Street:  Day Street Through the Years 
•    Elm Street and Grove Street:  Downtown Wine and FEAR 
•    Kenney Park:  The Kenney Park Critter 
•    Bikeway Community Garden:  Garden Magic 
•    Powderhouse Park:  The Powderhouse Ghost

Founded in 2005 and based in Somerville, The Post-Meridian Radio Players are a group of actors, writers, FoleyFX artists, composers, sound designers, and other interested people dedicated to the preservation of radio drama, and the development of audio theater, as unique art forms. They offer live performances and studio productions of both classic tales from the Golden Age of Radio and original works by new and experienced writers, with a special emphasis on science-fiction, fantasy, and horror.