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ArtBeat 2022 graphic art by Michael Talbot


Saturday, July 16 2:30 PM


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What, exactly, makes a soft punk? An attitude both rigid and tender? The right guitar pedal, generating a buzz that reverberates straight into your soul? Or maybe it’s the gall to rebel in the face of your workplace and shriek “I’m not equipped for this” while cushioning your message in fuzzy, right-outta-the-garage rock.

This is the equation that multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Tiffany Sammy seeks to balance every time she slips into her Boston-based project TIFFY. Kickstarted by her self-recorded and self-produced debut EP Fire Sale in June 2019, TIFFY represents what it means for genres to clash and meld in 2022, preserving a bottled-up mix of dream rock and coarse punk.

"Tiffany Sammy deploys a unique brand of fuzz-pop able to take hold of any venue with its robust bass lines, distorted guitars, and stormy synth swells." (Deli Mag)

Sammy’s been honing her eclectic sound for well over a decade, crisscrossing coasts and subgenres. Born and raised in Southern California, her initial musical roots reach back to toggling between pop, rock, hip-hop, and oldies radio stations while simultaneously delving into underground-aligned punk and rock music.

Check out TIFFY on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Bandcamp.