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Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company

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Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company

Saturday, July 16 4:00 PM


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Ken Pierce

The Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company piece will feature dance and music from the court of Louis XIV.

The French king Louis XIV was a devoted dancer, and he surrounded himself at court with the best musicians and dancers in Europe. An important feature of the style of dance at court ("Baroque dance") is that almost every step begins with a rise or upward spring: the dancers aspired to qualities of lightness and grace, reaching toward the heavens rather than toward the earth.

Performed in period costume, suitable for the whole family. Music by Lully, Marais, and others. Ken Pierce Baroque Dance Company (Ken Pierce and Camilla Finlay) with Ensemble Maresienne (Carol Lewis, treble viol; Olav Chris Henriksen, theorbo & baroque guitar; Alice Mroszczyk, bass viola da gamba).