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Art UnEarths - Jeryl Palana Pilapil-Brown

ArtBeat 2022 graphic art by Michael Talbot

Art UnEarths - Jeryl Palana Pilapil-Brown

Saturday, July 16 2:30 PM


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Jeryl Palana Pilapil-Brown

Jeryl Palana Pilapil-Brown has been a dancer, choreographer and teaching artist in the greater Boston area for over ten years. Jeryl is honored to be associate director of the Cambridge Youth Dance Program at Deborah Mason Performing Arts Center in Somerville. She is the founder and creative director of Art UnEarths, a multi-disciplinary dance company who's mission is to encourage empathy through exploring the untold and unheard parts of our own identities and cultures through dance on film and live performances. Jeryl loves connecting people by curating events such as The Hip Hop Exchange, and remains driven to share her passion for culture, movement and humanity through her work.

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