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Sue Bell

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Sue Bell

Saturday, July 16 3:00 PM


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Sue Bell


"When things are done with so much love and sweetness, the most logical thing is that everything comes out luxurious and this is the case that follows: I say it loud and clear how precious is this amazing album Wild At Heart by Sue Bell, an endearing voice that at times reminds us of greats like Linda Perhacs, Hope Sandoval or Trish Keenan. A collection of songs full of sunny moments and sweet melodies, songs that permeate little by little and that one places among the highlights of this year." - Thorcuatto Viriatto

Backed by a supergroup of Camberville musicians past and present, singer-songwriter Sue Bell and her buddies create a blend of pop and dreamy soft rock. Their music has been described as "alive with unique orchestration, catchy melodies, and imaginative lyrics." The lineup includes Johnny Allen (drums), Mariam Saleh (bass) Doug Tuttle (guitar), Sarah Cronin (harmonies), and Nick Vandenberg (clarinet and trumpet).

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