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Brazilian Brigadeiro and Sweet Treats

Brazilian Brigadeiro and Sweet Treats

Thu., February 13, 7:30pm to 10:00pm

201 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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Valentine's day is almost here!

Elizabete Delfino, a native of Minas Gerais, Brazil, will teach us how to make delicious sweet treats —just in time for Valentine’s Day! First we will whip up Brazilian chocolate bonbons called Brigadeiro, using Taza Chocolate and rolled in a variety of tasty toppings. Next up, we will concoct Beijinho de Coco (little coconut kisses) using unsweetened coconut and condensed milk. Half the fun of creating both these bite-sized candies is dressing them up in coatings and festive wrappers. At the end of class we’ll sit down and eat Torta de Pão, a classic Brazilian casserole featuring chicken, which Elizabete will make prior to class). Each student will go home with a dozen treats—the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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