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Nepali Feast with Debaki & Samjhana Lamichhane

Nepali Feast with Debaki & Samjhana Lamichhane

10/15/14 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

201 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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The three generations of Laminchane women keep the traditions of Nepal alive and cooking in their home kitchen -- located right above the New Bombay Market, the family-owned store in Union Square. We will begin by sampling of an array of Nepalese achars - or homemade pickles, including one featuring bitter melon and timur (a fragrant Nepalese spice). Next, we’ll head into the kitchen where the mother and daughter team of Debaki and Samjhana will teach us how to make bitter melon pickle. We’ll then prepare gundruk, a warm vegetarian stew made from fermented mustard greens cooked with chilis, ginger, and garlic. As the soup simmers, Debaki will demonstrate the preparation of dhido, a toasted wheat porridge that is served with gundruk -- and eaten by hand! Finally, we'll sit down to devour our feast and learn more about the culinary and cultural traditions of Katmandu, Nepal.  VEGETARIAN FRIENDLY!

Eventbrite - Gundruk (Nepalese Fermented Curry) with Debaki and Samjhana Lamichhane

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