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East Paste Wall

Mock up of wall, images by iaritza menjivar

East Paste Wall

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Open Call to local photographers

We are developing another public art project, this one for photographers.   We will be creating an outside photography exhibition along a highly visable east Somerville wall using a wheat pasting technique.

We see and hear our community. These have been difficult but transformative times for our Black and Brown families. With this exhibition we want to give you the platform to show us how you are using your visuals to create change within yourself and awareness in your communities. How has the pandemic affected you and your loved ones? How has making photographs helped you cope with these experiences? How has having a visual outlet helped you speak out? The purpose of this exhibition is to give our black and brown artists a public platform for their voice.

The submission process will be juried and artists compensated.

To Submit:

Deadline: August 3rd

Questions? Contact iaritza menjivar at