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Yart Sale

Yart Sale

Sun., August 15, 12:00pm to 6:00pm

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**** Due to forecast Yart Sale has moved to Rain Date of Sunday, August 15th****

Somerville's first ever Yart Sale! Did your children make tons of macaroni artwork during quarantine? Did you find the post card collections from your great, great, great grandparents in your basement? Or are you an artist making lots of artwork and need to sell or exhibit? Bring your quarantine artwork outdoors! 

Yart Sale is an opportunity for you to showcase or sell from the comfort of your yards, driveways and porch. Think of a yard sale but with ART! 

How does Yart Sale work? When you open the map you will see the map legend representing the three time zones through Somerville. Access the map through your Google Maps App (downloadable via your smart phone). To open in your Google Maps app, click this shareable link:

Or navigate through the map below! 

Note-  Yart Sale has been moved to Sunday, August 15th-- Time will vary on City location, zones and time periods are:

  • 12 to 2 pm West Zone - West of Willow Ave
  • 2 to 4pm Central Zone - area between Willow Ave. and Central St
  • 4-6 pm area east of Central St is the East zone

Having a hard time with the google map? Here is a list of participating artists!

Examples of things that will be displayed:

  • Any art medium (paintings, photography, collage, projections, ceramics)
  • Handmade objects (jewelry, pottery, quilts, knitted items)
  • Family Artwork
  • Collectible items: coins, postcards, baseball cards, instruments, magnets
  • Plants
  • Musician / band merch items- T-shirts, CDs (NO live performances!)
  • Art Tools, supplies, Art Books

Conditions: No sidewalks should be blocked; no tables or artwork can be set up on the street. Everything needs to remain on your private property. No live music, let's save that enthusiasm for PorchFest! No food or pastries for sale.

Questions? Contact: iaritza menjivar - imenjivar(at)