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Mimouna Feast

Mimouna Feast

Wed., April 23, 6:30pm to 9:00pm

201 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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A cooking class to celebrate a Moroccan Passover Feast!

Mimouna, observed on the last day of Passover, is a tradition marking the return of spring, and of course, the return of leavened bread. Join us on a cross-cultural culinary adventure as we celebrate this Jewish-Muslim holiday with Kitchensurfing Chef Sean O’Brien!  Laura Mandel of New Center NOW--an organization that explores Jewish imagination through interaction--will also be on hand to comment on our delicious dishes from a cultural perspective.

Chef Sean, whose cooking style spans the globe and ranges from Mediterranean/Middle Eastern to Creole and Barbeque, will teach students to create a delicious Mimouna-inspired menu, including: mufleta (traditional grilled flatbreads, served with local honey); zaalouk (Moroccan eggplant and tomato salad, served with fresh baguette); almond and goat cheese stuffed dates; roasted whitefish with saffron and lemon, served with herbed pearl cous cous; and almond brown butter cake with saffron cream. Chef Sean will teach students cooking techniques associated with these tasty items. Finally, we’ll sit down to enjoy a Mimouna feast together. This class is a collaboration between the Somerville Arts Council, New Center NOW, and Kitchensurfing

Tickets are $40 per person available at our PayPal site here.

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