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Through These Realities Exhibit

Through These Realities Exhibit

07/22/22 6:00 PM

191 Highland Ave. Suite 2A, Somerville

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Please join us for a BIPOC funded grant project; this exhibit will run through the month of June at the Armory. 

Through These Realities challenges the narratives of mass media that invalidate the experiences of people of color through the interactions of poetry and photography. Six photographers of color have created a series of images inspired by work from six poets of color. These images incorporate the figurative and literal visual elements related to associated poetry—prompted by a James Baldwin quote. Artists use poetry and photography to validate their realities, reveal the discrepancies between the dominant culture, and solidify the normality of people of color living in the everyday.

Closing Reception: July 22, 6-8pm, updates on event page:

Participating Poets: Alysia Williams, Cesar Sanchez Beras, Durane West, Isabella De Palo Garcia Perez, Kesper Wang, Mayank Chugh
Participating Photographers: Adam Cordelle, Andrew Harris, Kenia Arbaiza, Paul Sayed, Wandy Pascoal, Xudong Liu
Directed by Joshua Sarinana.

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