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Imagine W/

Imagine W/

04/01/23 7:00 PM

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Imagination allows us to realize our many avenues of fulfillment.

Come ‘Imagine W/‘ us to collectively realize our potential, by sharing perspective, and introspective questioning.

'Imagine w/ is a video series that highlights artists and their crafts. This series is especially equipped to express and archive moments of existence. Let’s imagine a world where our life stories are told, remembered, and honored by us.

A video series produced by Somerville Artist Cidjud Felix.
Release date to be determined.

05/31/23 7:00 PM
Donuts and Stardust
04/01/23 7:00 PM
Somer Fest 2022
09/09/22 7:00 PM
The Legacy Ball
07/30/22 6:00 PM
07/30/22 12:00 PM
The Hip Hop Exchange VOL. 4
06/25/22 10:00 AM to 06/26/22 8:00 PM
Hoşgeldiniz, Hoş Bulduk
05/06/22 2:00 PM