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Wed., May 31, 7:00pm

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Crowned is an interview series for creatives in music, which gives an opportunity to viewers to see their favorite creatives in a vulnerable light. As creatives sit on the throne they are encouraged to honor their real by answering ten questions that range from a variety of topics such as family, personal interests, love, etc. This interview series is showcased on YouTube and shared across various social media platforms to bring authenticity back to the world of social media. 

New content is released on a weekly basis on the YouTube Channel: SaraG TV
Playlist Link:

Creator: Saragrace Magre
Videographer: Cootchill Nelson (Chill Creations)
Editor: Cameron Teleau
EPs: Catherine Nakato and Theodora Babilye 

Donuts and Stardust
Sat., April 1, 7:00pm
Imagine W/
Sat., April 1, 7:00pm
Somer Fest 2022
Fri., September 9, 7:00pm
The Legacy Ball
Sat., July 30, 6:00pm
Sat., July 30, 12:00pm
Through These Realities Exhibit
Fri., July 22, 6:00pm
The Hip Hop Exchange VOL. 4
Sat., June 25, 10:00am to Sun., June 26, 8:00pm
Film Premiere: We are here too
Thu., June 16, 7:30pm
Hoşgeldiniz, Hoş Bulduk
Fri., May 6, 2:00pm