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The Legacy Ball

The Legacy Ball

Sat., July 30, 6:00pm

191 Highland Ave. , Somerville

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mYouSeeEm presents: The Legacy Ball

The ball is to acknowledge, recognize, represent, and flex on what has been done and what people are doing. We would not be in the positions or spaces we are, if the doors weren’t opened or created for us by our predecessors, community, friends, family, and strangers. This ball is very specifically curated to serve and support the legacy, talents, and diversity within the community, which is why the theme for the ball is Legacy.

The Legacy Ball will be a celebratory experience, gathering ordinary young people who aim and do exceptional things. Within the realms of art, technology, history, and community. The event will feature music, conversations, spoken word, and many more.

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Grant recipient and producer of this event: Catherine Nakato, follow more of her work at

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