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07/30/22 12:00 PM

21 Bow St, Somerville

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LIGHTFORMS is a temporary installation of sculptural pendant lights that playfully populate Celete’s space with form and color. The project is an exploration of domestic design objects that thinks about weaving, tectonics and craftsmanship while using digital flatbed cutting. The pendants are composed of translucent polyester film joined together through interlocking petals that lend the form a geometric identity. This partnership is a celebration of small businesses and local arts. 

Join us for the opening reception of this public art piece on Saturday, July 30th, noon to 3pm at Celeste, 21 Bow Street, Somerville. Lightforms will be on display until mid-September. 

Follow and RSVP to our event page for event details!

Artist: Nicolas Carmona Guzman
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Acknowledgement: Funded by the Somerville Arts Council

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