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Project MUM

Project MUM

09/15/12 9:00 PM to 09/16/12 1:00 AM

160 Washington St, Somerville

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Project MUM returns in its full glory.

Back in 2006 a year after we started ArtsUnion a former board member Susan Berstler proposed the idea of holding a dance party under the McGrath. (Susan was and still is obsessed with hidden dark spaces that she explored in Berlin.)    So Susan, lighting guru Todd Sargent, and the Arts Council went through the crazy permitting and production process and produced Project MUM.  It was a huge hit and transformed a space folks typically want to forget.

After a short hiatus, this fall, members of SCUL Somerville's long-term friendly chopper bicycle nerd gang, will be collaborating with local artists and performers to present you the 2012 edition of this well-loved outdoor dance party: Meet Under McGrath.  Check out the co-producers site for calls for support and more info.

Rain or shine; suggested donation $10.

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