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Somerville Mini-Maker Faire

Somerville Mini-Maker Faire

10/13/12 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

70 Union Square, Somerville

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A faire to celebrate arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the DIY ethos.

Join producer Artisan’s Asylum for Somerville’s first Maker Faire. Springboarding from the Make Magazine faire efforts that began in 2006, Somerville’s faire will demonstrate local technology efforts by engineers, hobbyists, and tinkerers.

Come check out what regional maker organizations are doing! Electronics workshops will be given by Sparkfun Electronics. Other workshops will demonstrate how to make stop-motion animations, how to build a geodesic dome, and how to make Shaganolin art and rockets. In addition, crowds will enjoy the acoustic guitar sounds of musician Thea Hopkins.

Other booths will include snake robots from Artisans Asylum, small insect robots from ArcBotics, Mesa Mundi Multi-Touch Tables, a collection of home-built bikes by Frankenbikes, wearable art from TRACIMOC, woodturning at the Asylum, a miniature bowling-ball pinsetter machine, Rascal Micro computers for art and science, CEMI-Automatik’s programmable music player, Paul Carson’s custombuilt bicycles, Found Art Assemblage Mosaics, Creative Outlet Lamps, wood carving from Lynwood Designs, Wiblocks & iblocks, an introduction to H3XL (the makerspace for all ages), Imaginary Cartography, a gigantic rideable baby carriage, an introduction to the Cambridge Science Festival, Bubblegons laser-cut 3d sculpture shapes, a 3D printing demo, Easy-Macro cell phone camera lenses, the Lightning Tree, the Social Candy Machine, the Node.JS tank robot, and Mineways 3D printed Minecraft objects.

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