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SATURDAY NIGHT! Hungry Tiger Street Food Festival

SATURDAY NIGHT! Hungry Tiger Street Food Festival

08/11/12 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

70 Union Square, Somerville

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The tiger isn't scared of a little rain! This street food fest will be ROARRING in Union Square on Saturday!

It will feature foods from around the globe served by local Union Square restaurants, including El Potro, The Neighborhood Restaurant, India Palace, Pao de Açucar, and Precinct. This is your chance to nibble on Salvadoran pupusas and Indian samosas, among countless other international fare. After dining en plein air, peruse the wares of local artisans, mingle with street performers, soak in live music and marvel at fire throwers and spinners!

The festival is also an opportunity to check out Nibble, the Somerville Arts Council’s new book about food and culture in Union Square and beyond. Buy a copy and participate in Nibble activities like “Test Your Nose” and an interactive global food stories map. Restaurants will charge various prices for their food, yet the festival itself is free!

Rain Date:  Sun., Aug 12

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