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What the Fluff?

What the Fluff?

09/29/12 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

70 Union Square, Somerville

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Celebrating the wondrous invention of Marshmallow Fluff with a madcap festival.

Presented by Union Square Main Streets, this year’s theme will be going out of this world and focusing on the lighter than air quality of Fluff — so like going into outer space! 

Join us for a celebration of the genius of Archibald Query who invented Fluff here in Union Square in 1917.  Artists, musical and theatrical performers, culinary geniuses and the general public pay tribute this great American creation in a madcap festival.  The sixth annual event includes a performance stage and games stage, participatory activities, gallery show, and craft and food vendors.

For more information on the Fluff Fest; whether you are an attendee, wish to be a vendor or volunteer, contact Mimi at Union Square Main Streets. 

Raindate will be Sunday, September 30.

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