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Chicha Night

Chicha Night

03/15/12 7:00 PM

307 Somerville Ave. , Somerville

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Another ArtsUnion food and music event--this time we'll explore Peru.

Join us as we dive in for a feast of Peruvian cuisine and culture at Machu Picchu! For just $25, attendees will receive an appetizer, an entree, and a pisco sour—the quintessential Peruvian cocktail. Restaurant owner Rosy Cerna tell us about the history and cultural signifcance of the various dishes and DJ and mixologist Brother Cleve will offer us all a pisco primer and spin Peruvian surf beats music all night long!  

The culinary lineup offers something for carnivores and vegetarians. For appetizers, guests will choose from ceviche or causa limeña (chicken or vegetable), which translates to “sustenance of life,” a dish from Rosy’s home town of Lima. For entrées, chose from ají de gallina – a tasty chicken dish with a sunny hue that comes from the spicy ají amarillo chile pepper, one of the key ingredients of Peruvian cuisine – or quinoa stew (chicken or vegetable). Wash it all down with a pisco sour, made with pisco, a pure brandy first concoted in the 16th century — now made by a new generation of craft distillers. Spirits authority Brother Cleve will explain the long, fascinating journey of pisco’s 500 year history, as well as how it’s made and how best to enjoy it!

Just back from Lima, Peru, Cleve recently trawled Lima flea markets, to find the best Chicha beats. Chicha is a style of music first popularized in the 1960’s, when it came down from the Andes mountains to meet the Pacific ocean. Chicha is a variation of Colombian Cumbia, utilizing “surf music” styled electric guitars and synthesizers in place of the traditional instruments used in neighboring countries. Originally the favored music of the working classes, chicha’s popularity had grown over the decades in Peru and world wide.

Thanks to Macchu Pisco LLC for their support of this event.

No tixs required but be there on time @ 7 pm; $25/person.

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