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Rock and Roll Yard Sale

Rock and Roll Yard Sale

Sun., September 11, 11:00am to 5:00pm

70 Union Square, Somerville

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What Cheer produces ArtsUnion’s annual Rock And Roll Yard Sale showcasing New Englands’s top vinyl dealers.

Vintage clothing peddlers and DIY craftsters will join record vendors, making for a unique shopping experience! There will be all sorts of music-related formats—including vinyl, CDs, cassettes and 8-tracks—and audio gear, music magazines, silk-screened posters, promotional items and vegan snacks. Of course, vinyl will be spinning for your aural enjoyment. This is a perfect way to support DIY & independent small businesses!

Live music by:
Allysen Callery
Mystery Red Inferno (Alec K. Redfearn Duo Project)
Narc Virus
&  DJ Subject to Change

Full vendor line-up & more info HERE

Rain date:  Sun., Sept. 18
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