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AgriCultural Festival

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AgriCultural Festival

10/02/16 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

10 Poplar, Somerville

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Somerville's AgriCultural festival - moved to raindate on Sunday, the 2nd.

Join us for Somerville's first ever AgriCultural Festival - a celebration of everything we grow from the earth, and the people who grow it. We'll be creating and presenting a fantastical festival to celebrate Somerville farmers, artists and new urban ag initatives. This festival will take place October 1st at the new ArtFarm site.

The festival will include booths for growers to display their produce, chances for urban agriculturists to share knowledge, talks, hands on demonstrations, and participatory art. We want to showcase the rich diversity of our communities.

Square dance calling and music by Old-Time Square Dance with the Dead Sea Squirrels and caller Tony Parkes.

Our call to artists is closed but growers are still welcome.  Contact us. 
Call to Growers

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