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Project MUM 2014

Project MUM 2014

09/13/14 8:00 PM to 09/14/14 12:00 AM

10 Poplar Street, Somerville

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MUM is on despite the rain, now drizzle. Come out put on a sweater!

MUM is Tonight! We are excited to get our dance on with Project MUM tonight but the recent weather forecast isn't looking good. MUM does not have a rain date and will shut things down/cancel the event if the rain gets too heavy. We will keep you posted.

The MUM team is excited to bring you the 2014 rendition of Project MUM event. The MUM team cordially invite you to a celebration of artists and performers reclaiming unused public spaces in our beloved annual celebration.

Hold the date and join us outdoor for a night of art, music and dance. The McGrath Highway construction cannot stop the force that is Project MUM!
For latest updates on this year's event, keep an eye on the website at


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