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Fixer Fair

Fixer Fair

08/16/14 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Don't buy a new one, make your old one better!

The Fixer Fair ( celebrates repair! Don’t recycle it, FIX it. Repairing things helps the environment, is more economical, and teaches engineering to adults and kids. It helps us be self-sufficient and sends the message to manufacturers that as consumers, we want well-made objects that can be repaired, manuals for how they work and access to the tools to open them up and see how they work!

Blenders, cell phones, toasters, bikes, art objects, clothes, rice cookers, vacuums, many items in your home need repair? Sometimes it seems easier or cheaper to buy a new item, but then the old one ends up in a landfill and newer items are frequently cheaply made.

At the Fixer Fair attendees can bring things that need repairing and learn how to repair them or find someone who can. Local businesses that repair items can promote themselves and perform on-site repairs. We’ll have workshops about how to take apart, maintain and repair things. What do an auto mechanic, a computer technician and a tailor all have in common? They FIX things, and they can help you fix things too.

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