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The Ides of March in Union Square: The Death of Caesar at the Roman Forum

The Ides of March in Union Square: The Death of Caesar at the Roman Forum

03/15/14 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Friends, Somervillian’s, Countryman... lend us your ears!

Celebrate the Ides of March and mark the 2,058th anniversary of the assassination of Julius Caesar in Union Square. This March 15th, Large & Elaborate Productions along with the Somerville Arts Council will transform the heart of Union Square into a Roman forum. Visit the togamaster to be outfitted in a complimentary toga and laurel, battle your friends to the death* (*actual death not recommended) in the gladiator arena, cheer on chariot races, and practice your assassination chops with Pin-the-Knife-on-Caesar. Show off your numerals-deciphering skills in the Roman numerals bee, form a team for the Romanesque trivia contest, and prep your pets for the "Dogs of War" pet costume contest (contact us if your pet would like to participate).  There will be Roman engineering crafts for kids and, for the big kids, a toga party at the Independent after the event.

During your time at the Forum, you're also likely to witness conspiracy, political intrigue, dangerous ambition, and wildly-adapted Shakespeare as the tragedy of Julius Caesar unfolds on and off the Forum stage. Spoiler alert: Caesar must die.

Schedule of Events:

1:00 PM - The Forum opens
1:30 PM - Roman numeral bee *
1:45 PM - Secret Political Meeting (that's definitely not about killing Caesar)
2:00 PM - Celebration of the Feast of Lupercal
2:15 PM - Chariot races
3:00 PM - "Dogs of War" costume contest *
3:15 PM - Roman-esque team trivia *
4:00 PM - The Roman Senate convenes (feat. Julius Caesar)
4:30 PM - Funeral orations
5:00 PM - Gladiator tournament *
6:00 PM - Toga party at the Independent

* open sign-up

(rain/snow date: March 16th)




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