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Fire & Ice: A Winter Festival in Union Square

Fire & Ice: A Winter Festival in Union Square

03/01/14 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM

90 Union Square, Somerville

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Fire spinners, ice sculpting, and family-fun activites abound!

Tired of snow? Wishing winter lasted even longer? Whether you love this season or not come celebrate being cold and getting warm at Fire & Ice!

Keep warm as professional fire spinners A Different Spin take the stage outdoors in Union Square Plaza. Keeping you entertained throughout watch Don Chappelle of Brilliant Ice Sculptures, the same ice sculptor of First Night Boston, demonstrate his craft on two blocks of ice!

There will also be specials in restaurants and food being sold out in the square as well as kids craft activities. Don't miss Black Magic Coffee selling their brew outdoors! Also the Frozen Hoagie food truck will show up to sell ice cream to those who want to chill out. Restaurants doing deals in their business include: Casa B selling three different soups to keep you warm: sancocho, lentil soup , caldo gallego; Ebi Sushi making their spicy Volcano Roll the special for the night; A mescal cocktail called "Fire Walk With Me" at the Independent (in duel honor of Twin Peaks week and Fire & Ice); and a special TBA from El Potro Mexican Grill!

Also if you have kids you'll enjoy participating in some fun winter activities! This includes ice bowling, sand art by SVB, and a recycled lava lamp craft sponsored by Next Step Living Inc.


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